Where Milliseconds Matter: A Smart Garment Solution To Foster Olympic Excellence
Far Eastern New Century (FENC) tasked DRIVE with designing applications for their newly developed carbon nanotube film. With a unique training product, FENC aims to shake up the professional athletic wear market.


Coach Leon

Training for the Olympics just got easier! This new gear gives my team the edge.

Coach Leon’s success depends on his ability to analyze the finest details of an athlete’s performance. FENC Dynafeed allows him to trace each team member’s motion and heart-rate so he can train them more effectively.


Effectively combine smart fabric with technology

Thinking outside of the box, we integrated carbon nanotube film with bio-sensing technology for heart-rate monitoring and real-time motion capture

Enable cross-platform cooperation

We connected FENC and the leading biotechnology company NeuroSky to merge bio-sensing technology with the fabric and increase measuring accuracy.

Expand to the athletic training market

We worked with FENC’s sales and marketing department to understand consumers’ needs and the product’s possibilities, discovering a potential new market – sports training.

Launch a digital (Intelligent) athlete training platform

By integrating the needs from coaches and athletes, we created a smart IoT platform for professional athletic training: DynaFeed Sport Platform 2.0

Generate prototyping and product testing

Each stage of the product design is tested separately. We used the open-source Arduino to develop the hardware prototype, then printed a circuit board for a functional prototype, and finally conducted field testing with the United States Olympic ski team.


International recognition

Gold Award from ISPO, 2016/17

Business opportunity

DynaFeed’s innovative design attracted cooperation from international brands. FENC signed a MOU with US sports brand L.L.Bean and Swiss electronic medical brand Valmed.


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