Transform Brand and Vision to Reaffirm Industry Leadership
Our World is radically changing. The effects of global warming and rapidly evolving technology are disrupting everything from global markets to the environment. U-Ming Marine has worked hard to reinvent itself, digitalizing their operations and adopting a “Teamwork and Safety-First Culture.” Now, they have to demonstrate how these changes will keep them ahead of the curve in the bulk shipping industry.



We feel we are part of a greater movement and are working hard to be a leader in our industry.

Long-time U-Ming executive Alex Chen is feeling proud of the moves his company has made with digitalization and sustainability. He is building the necessary tools to better communicate with the public, investors, and potential customers.


Reposition the Vision and Brand

We worked with U-Ming’s President and the executives across the globe to understand where the business is going, realizing the potential to make their digitalized IOT solution into a business and how to reposition the brand for a brighter future.

Elevate Brand Communication

We interviewed the users of the brand material to understand their pain points. We addressed issues by improving the visual elements and clarifying the application of the material. We also came up with a new brand story which helps unite the internal staff and provides better external communication.

Enhance the Web Experience

We guided the client journey and rebuilt the web experience to be responsive, engaging, and easy to navigate – letting clients get the info/ contacts they want with minimal effort. The CSR website helps people digest vast amounts of data with easily understood infographics and animation.


More Attention

Media coverage and a favorable overall projection from Wall Street – 36.7% VS 16.8% (industry average)

Business Opportunity

A stronger more memorable brand and vision resonates better with all stakeholders in their industry.


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