A New Shopping Experience
Xinyi is a very competitive area for department stores. A new Far Eastern Department Store (FEDS) would have to be unique in this crowded shopping district. But it would also have to compete with online stores – 46% of Taiwanese consumers made online purchases in 2020 (Kepios Ptd. Ltd). The new FEDS would have to be relevant and revolutionary.



FEDS feels like family!
They know me – my daughter even better!

As she walks into the store, Mrs. Wang gets a message on her phone: “your Chanel lipstick has arrived”, ”Peppa Pig toys 15% off”, ”your reserved 2pm Peppa Pig event will be hosted on 5F.” FEDS App is tailored to her needs.


We Rallied A Team

Experts of diverse disciplines, teaching and learning from each other to find the best possible solutions.

We Developed An Inspirational Space Through Brand Partnerships

With Apple, we created a fountain plaza that infuses tranquility into the busy Xinyi atmosphere.

We Built A Culture That Exploits Trial And Error

Learn fast, fail fast, adapt fast.

We Overhauled Point Of Sale

Supplementing a 20-year legacy with smart, data-driven marketing.

We Enabled Data Analysis

We teamed with HappyGo (membership program) and Far East Tone (telecom) to provide advanced data analytics. This new, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system brings you a tailor made shopping experience.


High Revenue

FEDS Xinyi A13 is the 2nd top selling store of the 5 nearby department stores.

More Attention

Millions of visitors in opening month.

Cost Savings

NT$ 50 million saved because of synergy among Far Eastern Group companies.

Better Customers

Precision marketing and customized recommendations were embraced. Frequency of data collection was increased from every 7 days to every 5 minutes. Classification of merchandise expanded from 13 to 120 categories. Smart POS makes for smarter shopping.


How can we help you?

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